3 Things To Post On Facebook For Maximum Exposure



Have you ever run out of ideas and things to post on Facebook or any other social media networks?

I have.

So, I can understand and relate to your situation.

I am going to suggest you 3 different things that you can consider to post on your Facebook or any other social media networks to increase the exposure on your personal brand and on the offer or business opportunity that you are promoting.

You can use these ideas for other niches too but this is mainly focused on internet marketing.

First, you can post photos of your lifestyle.

One of the biggest reasons that attracted a lot of people to start up their own internet marketing business is having luxury of freedom.

Post those things.

Post what you did, where you went, your freedom lifestyle.

For example, if you like working on the beach, post that lifestyle of working on the beach with your laptop while sipping a glass of cocktail.

Other people that dreams and wishes to do the same will relate to you.

Remember, the fastest and most effective way to build a rapport with your audience is to know how to relate to them.

Show them that lifestyle they want and dream of.

Second, you can post photos of your income proofs, your results on doing internet marketing or a mixture of both.

This depends on your own creativity and the sky is the limit.

Income proofs and your own results can and will motivate other people to aim to achieve the same results.

It also helps them with their own imagination that they can get the same results as you if they continue to work on their internet marketing business.

Lastly, what happens if you are just new to this internet marketing business and do not have any lifestyle, income proof or results photos to post?

Do you just wait until you get those results?

No, you do not waste time by just waiting.

What you can do right now is to start providing value to your audience, just like this video.

I am now providing value to you without selling you any specific business opportunity or offer right?

You can also do the same.

You can start by posting other people’s motivational quotes, designing your own quotes or do both.

After that, you can slowly expand out to making your own videos and giving value in them.

Then, you can post those videos on social media networks like Facebook, YouTube and etc.

If you are afraid and not comfortable to get in front of the camera, watch one of my previous videos where I shared a simple and easy way to overcome your fear of getting in front of the camera.

That’s all for today’s video.

I hope you have learned something new.

Ideas without action is pointless.

Go do it now and let me know what you think of it.

Bye bye!

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