How to Get People Attracted To Your Marketing


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Today, I am going to share with you a powerful strategy to get people attracted to anything you want to promote.

Do you know what this is?

If you answered preframing, you are right.

In this industry, a lot of marketers still do not do this.

It could be because they lack of time, ideas, creativity, strategy, money or overall lack of resources.

Don’t be that marketer.

If you lack of those things, find a way to solve them.

To do preframing correctly, you must have a home on the internet.

While most people don’t, you must have it if you are serious about your online business.

What’s a home on the internet?

It is your personal website where you can brand for yourself, where you can tell the world who you are, what you stand for, what you represent, who you are working with, who you want to work with and etc. so that people can learn more about you.

You must be able to create and share content on your home.

For example, this can be a blog or a video blog.

You must also be able to share your story, borrow credibility from others, grow your business, and the most important thing –

To preframe people into whatever you want them to do.

Imagine this is your home in real life.

If I walked into your home, how would you treat me?

You will say welcome to my home, would you like a drink or something like that right?

Having a home on the internet allows you to share anything you like without being pushy.

For an example of a home looks like, check out my personal home –

This home should be your personal branded website and nobody should be in control except for yourself.

That’s all for today’s session.

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